Wire Wrapped Moon Necklaces

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Wire Wrapped Moon Necklaces-

Choose from 6 different stones. Each pendant is strung with love on a petite silver plated chain.




• Facilitates honest communication
• Removes energy blockages of Chakras
• Boosts self-esteem
• Harnesses & increases personal power

Resonating Chakras - Third Eye



•Promotes calm and balance in the body

•Aids with emotional issues and sleep disturbance

•Helps balance Crown Chakra

Resonating Chakras- Crown


Clear Quartz-

•The "Master Healer"

•Amplifies energy and thoughts

•Helps promote mental clarity, psychic abilities as well as calmness

Resonating Chakras- All 7 but most particularly the Crown Chakra



Green Aventurine-

•Thought to be one of the luckiest stones of all the crystals, especially when it comes to manifesting wealth and prosperity

•"Reset button" of stones

•Calm anger and irritability

•Tranquility, safety and security 

Resonating Chakras-  Heart

Black Obsidian-

•Helps Protect from shadow traits

•"Cleans" up negative energy

•Protective Talisman

•Great Grounding Stone

Resonating Chakras-  Root and Earth Star


Tiger's Eye-

•Aids in inner strength and confidence

•Brings Happiness, focus, and inspiration


•Great stone for working on a project

•Provides harmony to 3 lower chakras


Resonating Chakras- Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus