Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

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Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelets-

Choose from 4 different stones:



•Promotes calm and balance in the body

•Helps balance Crown Chakra

•Beads are strung on stretchy nylon strands, making this "one size fits all"

•Bracelets can be worn by themselves or stacked for a more personalized look

Resonating Chakras- Crown


Rose Quartz-

•Stone of Unconditional Love

•Holds romantic energy

•Promotes self-love

•Helps with relationships of all kinds

•Draws in love and helps reignite love lost

Resonating Chakras- Heart 


Clear Quartz-

•The "Master Healer"

•Amplifies energy and thoughts

•Helps promote mental clarity, psychic abilities as well as calmness

Resonating Chakras- All 7 but most particularly the Crown Chakra


Green Fluorite-

•Gives an order to chaos

•Quiets the mind

•Enhances your self-conscious, learning, and clearing the way for spiritual expansion

•Opens and stimulates your Third Eye

•Promotes structure, balance, and stability

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye, Throat, and Heart