Variety of Crystal Dread Beads

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Variety of Crystal Dread Beads-

•This set of beads for your hair comes with (1) Sodalite Bead (6mm hole), (1) Tigers Eye Bead (6mm hole), (1) Amethyst Bead (6mm hole), and (1) Rose Quartz Bead (6mm hole)

•Adorn your hair with the healing properties of crystals or to simply add some flair!

•Sodalite creates a calming harmonious effect aiding in communication and spiritual perception. Encourages the opening of the Throat Chakra

•Rose Quartz holds romantic energy and is one of the most important stones while doing heart work 

•Tigers Eye aids in inner strength and confidence and is great for the lower three chakras, especially the Solar Plexus

•Amethyst promotes a soothing, calm, and clarifying balance within the body while as well as aiding in emotional and sleep issues

Resonating Chakras-  Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Crown