Uisge-Beatha- Whiskey & Heather Soy Candle

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Uisge-Beatha- Whiskey & Heather Soy Candle-

Scent Notes: Whiskey, Heather, Teakwood

Atmospheric Benefits: Warms + Comforts

Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the Scottish Highlands. You’re astride a horse in the middle of a sprawling field full of fuchsia heather, the smoke of a nearby fire wafting around you. The sun is beginning to set and there’s a pink tint to the endless sky. When you light this candle, you will be taken back in time to this moment, and you won’t ever want to come back home.


Your Candle Comes In: A 10 oz amber glass jar, black metal lid and wood wick and black metal lid. It’s topped with true Scottish heather to bring a touch of the lush countryside and Tiger’s Eye semi precious stones to feel balance and harmony. NOTE: All candles are hand-poured and are 100% Vegan. 100% Natural. 100% Eco-Friendly.