Throat "mini" Chakra Ritual Box

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Throat "mini" Chakra Ritual Box-

Amazonite Tumbled Stone to help filter out stress and bring on a more playful attitude. It soothes stress both at home and in the workplace while helping you to move beyond fear of confrontation and judgment.

•Raw Blue Apatite to help build confidence, as well as assisting in opening your visions and allowing you to speak your truth


•Raw Blue Kyanite to help clarify thoughts, organize them and allow you to speak with ease

•From Molly with Love, "Throat" Chakra Spray. These sprays are great when working with opening or balancing your Throat Chakra and can be used as a body mist or room spray.

•"5th Chakra" Buddha Tea to enjoy while working with your Throat Chakra. Steep and enjoy!