The Ritual Deck By Cassie Uhl

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The Ritual Deck By Cassie Uhl-

•Rituals have the power to ground you, open your mind to the psychic realm, reshape your reality over time, and assist you in finding the present moment.

• This card deck goes beyond the general use of an oracle card deck by offering you unique card spreads for balancing your chakras, multiple rituals for every moon phase, and the cards themselves act as energetic stand-ins for items you may need to perform more elaborate rituals.

• You'll receive 74 cards, 220-page guidebook, and a rigid two-part box with gold foil accents. All items are proudly printed and manufactured in the US to ensure an ideal work environment and to create less travel pollution.

• The vibrant cards are 3.5"X5" and printed on 350gsm premium smooth stock.

• The 3.5"X5" guidebook includes information on caring for your deck, selecting cards, a variety of card spreads, correspondence legend, a mantra, message, and ritual for each card.

•Zenned Out owner, Cassie Uhl, hand drew the objects for each card which were then transformed into vibrantly colorful cards by our designer, Sydney Martenis. The card messages and guidebook were written by Cassie Uhl.

•The Ritual Deck includes cards on the following topics: crystals, herbs, sacred geometry, the five elements, Runes, shells, candle colors, moon phases, feathers, the seven chakras, magical tools, and the cardinal directions.