Solar Plexus "mini" Chakra Ritual Box

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Solar Plexus "mini" Chakra Ritual Box-

Pyrite Stone, AKA "Fools Gold", helps clear anxiety for the future and expand possibilities in addition to aiding in overcoming temptations and bad habits.


•Tigers Eye Tumbled Stone  to aid in inner strength and confidence as well as helping you stay focused while working on a big project

•Citrine Tumbled Stone to promote personal, professional and financial success and abundance while lighting a creative fire within

•From Molly with Love, "Solar Plexus" Chakra Spray. These sprays are great when working with opening or balancing your solar plexus and can be used as a body mist or room spray.

•"Solar Plexus" Buddha Tea to enjoy while working with your solar plexus. Steep and enjoy!