Small Elephants

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Small Elephants-

Choose from 5 Different stones!


Dalmatian Jasper-

• Promotes Positivity, Happiness & Childlike Playfulness

• Strength

• Friendship

• Emotional Harmony

• Breaks Down Barriers You Have Created


Resonating Chakras- Root



•The "Live in the Now" stone

•Helps bring calm and gentle energy to any sacred space.

•Healer of the mind and heart

•Green is a color of abundance, while pink is a color of caring passion making Unakite the ultimate balancer for the emotional body. 

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye and Heart



•Labradorite is wonderful for healing and balancing your energies stimulating the Throat chakra

•It is a master of removal of unwanted energies, heightened energetic make-up, raises self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love

 Resonating Chakras- Throat, Third Eye, and Crown







Resonating Chakras- All


Orange Aventurine-

•Brings you Joy

•Heals sexual trauma

•Clears creative blocks

•Enhances personal power 

Resonating Chakras-  Sacral