Rose Quartz "Yoni Egg"

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Rose Quartz "Yoni" Egg-

•Yoni Eggs have been around for quite a long time. More recently people are being reminded of the benefits of using them.

•Yoni Eggs help regain muscle tone, makes intimacy more pleasurable and also helps with incontinence, to name a few!

•We strongly suggest doing your research on Yoni Eggs before trying them. As always, please seek professional assistance prior to using a Yoni Egg if you have any health problems

•Our Yoni Eggs are made of Rose Quartz and come pre-drilled for string (most people use dental floss as it is waxed)

•Always remember to clean your eggs after each use to prevent a possible infection

•And never share your Yoni Eggs!

•Stone of Unconditional Love

•Holds romantic energy

•Promotes self-love

•Helps with relationships of all kinds

•Draws in love and helps reignite love lost

Resonating Chakras- Heart