Mystic Drifter- Patchouli & Black Dahlia Soy Candle

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Mystic Drifter- Patchouli & Black Dahlia Soy Candle-

Scent Notes: Black Dahlia, Patchouli, Lilac

Atmospheric Benefits: Meditation + Manifestation

You see it amidst the dull and muted neutrals all around it - the mystic caravan. It’s bright and colorful, warm and inviting, and it beckons you in and away from the greyscale world outside. You don’t know where it came from, only that it’s enchanting and it’s stolen you away. Wholly and irrevocably, you are part of this nomadic and free-spirited lifestyle. Get ready for your next adventure.


Your Candle Comes In: A 10 oz black glass jar, black metal lid and wood wick. It’s topped with hyssops and Carnelian semi-precious stones to restore vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. NOTE: All candles are hand-poured and are 100% Natural. 100% Eco-Friendly.