Moonstone Pendulum

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Moonstone Pendulum-

•Moonstones are not only gorgeous, but they also provide so many healing properties; protection, balance, stability, promotes healthy relationships, fertility, sensuality, summons divine feminine, balances hormones and cleanse negative energies (just to name a few!).

• Moonstone can raise your vibrations; frequency to create smoother transitions into meditation.

•Moonstone opens Crown chakra but is also used in aiding the Sacral chakra and the Third Eye chakras.

•Moonstone is the female energy of Yang. If you are looking to balance Yin Yang energy, use Moonstone with Sunstone (male energy of Yin)

•All Pendulums are different due to their natural shape and coloring

•Use your beautiful pendulum to hear your higher self's answers when you can't seem to clear your head enough to know the answer for sure. Simply teach it yes or no and start asking it questions! 

Resonating Chakras- Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown