Moon Ritual Box

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Moon Ritual Box-

•We've curated a ritual box for the more popular moon phases, both the New and Full Moon! This box includes all you need to cleanse your spirit, space and your crystals!

•Sage Sisters Apothecary exclusively blended "Moon Soak". Simply use in the tub or if you don't have a bath, rub on yourself in the shower! This beautiful soak will awaken your senses while cleansing your body to prepare to start your ritual

•2 Sage Sisters Apothecary Exclusively Handmade Anointing Oils, you'll find one for the New Moon, and another for the Full Moon! Use these oils to anoint yourself, a candle (don't worry we included one for you!) and any other tools you may be working with. The New Moon Oil has Labradorite Chips while the Full Moon Oil has Rainbow Moonstone Chips!

•1 Sage Sisters Apothecary Exclusively Made "Moon Spray"!  Use to spray down your space, or even yourself! Each Spray is made of Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, an assortment of Moon friendly Essential Oils and for an extra boost, we placed a Tibetan Healing Quartz point, as well as Rainbow Moonstone Chips inside to keeps these bad boys charged and ready!

•1 Black Moonstone Crystal - Black Moonstone, like Rainbow Moonstone, is an ascension stone that embodies deep-seated feminine and gentle energy. You will find it to be helpful when you need to have a strong mind and control your feelings. It encourages hope, intuition, and psychic abilities. With it's darker coloring it also helps with grounding yourself and connecting more with the Earth's energy. Black Moonstone is a great stone to help calm the mind and will also assist with increasing mental powers.

•1 Rainbow Moonstone Crystal - An ascension stone that embodies deep-seated feminine and gentle energy. It is associated with the Crown and Third Eye chakra and a symbol of "The Goddess of Moon". You will find it to be helpful when you need to have a strong mind and control your feelings. It encourages hope, intuition, and psychic abilities.

•1 Labradorite Crystal - Wonderful for healing and balancing your energies stimulating the Throat chakra. It is a master of removal of unwanted energies, heightened energetic make-up, raises self-esteem, self-worth and self-love. Also helps with Intuition and "Magic".

•1 Clear Quartz Point - Known by many as the "Master Healer". This rock crystal will amplify energy and thoughts which makes it one of the most used healing modalities for years! It helps promote mental clarity, psychic abilities, calmness, and healing!

 1 Selenite Sticklet - Also known as "Liquid Light", Selenite, is a great stone to have in your collection. It connects with your third eye and can help align all of your chakras. It needs little upkeep and essentially charges itself and other stones if placed on it. Another great benefit of selenite is it helps clean your aura.

 1 Moon Phases Selenite Charging Plate - These are great for clearing your aura or charging your stones directly on! 

• 1 Selenite Bracelet - Wear this during your ritual and anytime afterward to hold and carry that beautiful moon energy with you!

• 1 White Sage Bundle - The act of "smudging" goes way back. From rituals, rights of passage, or just clearing your current space, Smudging is a way to clear out negative or stagnant energy. Simply burn one end of your bundle and blow out allowing the aromatic smoke to fill the area. Simply wave it around your space!

• 1 Palo Santo Bundle - Also known as "Holy Wood", Palo is a great addition to any smudging routine. The fragrant wood offers a beautiful aroma when burned and offers both medicinal and therapeutic healing powers. Use to cleanse and purify a space or detoxify energies after an illness!

• 1 White Candle - Burning a white candle during any ritual is great because it offers protection. During Moon rituals, a White Candle helps connect to the moon's energy.

•All Products have been Saged and Charged under the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius! Your kit is ready to use upon opening!

•To sweeten the deal, even more, we've included a 20% off "Moon Reading" with Catherine. Information will be provided in the boxes before you receive them!

•Each Ritual Box holds a retail value of over $130! Buy yours now for just $77.77 and receive FREE Shipping

•Our Homemade Products are made with different Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. If you have any allergies or known sensitivities to certain oils please reach out to us