Merkaba Pendulums

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Merkaba Pendulums-

•Use your beautiful pendulum to hear your higher self's answers when you can't seem to clear your head enough to know the answer for sure

•Simply teach it yes or no and start asking it questions

Choose from 4 different stones



Lapis Lazuli-

•Boosts truth and enlightenment

•Great for deep meditation

•Promotes honesty

•Inspires confidence, compassion, clarity as well as creativity

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye




Tigers Eye-

•Aids in inner strength and confidence

•Brings Happiness, focus, and inspiration


•Great stone for working on a project

•Provides harmony to 3 lower chakras

Resonating Chakras- Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus




•Calming & Balancing

•Helps balance Crown Chakra

Resonating Chakras- Crown


Clear Quartz-

•The "Master Healer"

•Amplifies energy and thoughts

•Helps promote mental clarity, psychic abilities as well as calmness

Resonating Chakras- All 7 but most particularly the Crown Chakra