Gua Sha (Face Massager)

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Gua Sha (Face Massager)-


•Comes in 2 different stones (Green Aventurine and Quartz)

•"Prep" skin with an oil or mist

•Start at the neck and move upwards, using "up" and "outward" strokes, towards your forehead

•Repeat as needed or desired


Clear Quartz-

•The "Master Healer"

•Amplifies energy and thoughts

•Clarity, psychic abilities as well as calmness

Resonating Chakras- All 7 but most particularly the Crown Chakra


Green Aventurine-

•Stone of Luck

•Great for using during manifesting

•"Reset Button" of stones

•Clear and cleanse your heart chakra

•Tranquility, stability and security

Resonating Chakras- Heart