Essential Oil Necklaces

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Essential Oil Necklaces-

Perfect for wearing your favorite essential oils conveniently around your neck. Also can be used for your favorite perfume for easy reapplying! Each Necklace comes with a small pipette to transfer your favorite oil with ease!


Offered in 5 Different Stones:


 •Promotes Abundance

•Stimulates and increases in "sacral" chakra nature along with creativity and fertility

•These necklaces are great dressed up or down

Resonating Chakras- Sacral


Rose Quartz-

•Stone of Unconditional Love

•Holds romantic energy

•Promotes self-love

•Helps with relationships of all kinds

•Draws in love and helps reignite love lost

Resonating Chakras- Heart 


Lapis Lazuli-

•Boosts truth and enlightenment

•Great for deep meditation

•Promotes honesty

•Inspires confidence, compassion, clarity as well as creativity

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye


Smoky Quartz-

•Activates and purifies the Root Chakra

•Master in detoxifying and grounding

•Absorbs negative energies

•Considered the "aspirin" of alternative medicine

•Sooths both physical and emotional pain

Resonating Chakras- Earth Star and Root


Rainbow Fluorite

•Gives an order to chaos

•Known as the "noise" reducer

•Enhances your self-conscious, learning, and clearing the way for spiritual expansion

•Opens and stimulates your Third Eye