Crystal Pendant Necklaces

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Crystal Pendant Necklaces-

Choose from 18 different stones. Each pendant is strung with love on a petite silver plated chain.


Snowflake Obsidian-

•Snowflake Obsidian balances the mind and body bringing understanding insight and spiritual guidance from deep within at your Root chakra.

• Grounding

•This is a strong gemstone, encouraging perseverance and courage.


Resonating Chakras- Root



•Supercharges heart energy to help boost you when you're feeling low

•Forgiveness and acceptance, even when love can be painful

•Strength and vitality to the body and spirit to support higher vibrations

•Ground negative energy

Resonating Chakras- Root and Heart 



• Facilitates honest communication
• Removes energy blockages of Chakras
• Boosts self-esteem
• Harnesses & increases personal power

Resonating Chakras - Third Eye



•Promotes calm and balance in the body

•Aids with emotional issues and sleep disturbance

•Helps balance Crown Chakra

Resonating Chakras- Crown


Dream Amethyst-

•AKA "Banded Amethyst" or "Dream Amethyst"

•Powerful spiritual stone

•Offers both properties of Amethyst and Clear Quartz (The ultimate healer/magnifying stone)

•Helps facilitate psychic visions

•Promotes peace and serenity 

•Great for meditation or holding in times of stress and uncertainty

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye, Crown


Rose Quartz-

•Stone of Unconditional Love

•Holds romantic energy

•Promotes self-love

•Helps with relationships of all kinds

•Draws in love and helps reignite love lost

Resonating Chakras- Heart 



•The "Live in the Now" stone

•Helps bring a calm and gentle energy to any sacred space.

•Healer of the mind and heart

•Green is a color of abundance, while pink is a color of caring passion making Unakite the ultimate balancer for the emotional body. 

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye and Heart


Clear Quartz-

•The "Master Healer"

•Amplifies energy and thoughts

•Helps promote mental clarity, psychic abilities as well as calmness

Resonating Chakras- All 7 but most particularly the Crown Chakra


Lemurian Aquatine Calcite-

•Helps with Fear and Anxiety

•Aids in Past Life Recall

•Aids with Telepathy

•Holds Consciousness of the ancient Lemurian civilization

•Helps with Empathy, but not to be consumed by others emotions

Resonating Chakras-Heart, Third Eye, Crown



•Creates a calming harmonious effect 

•Aids in communication and spiritual perception

•Aids in inspiration and creative thinking

•Encourages the opening of the Throat Chakra

Resonating Chakras-  Throat


Picture Jasper-


•Helps with connecting to Gaia (Mother Earth)

•Helps alleviate fear

Resonating Chakras-  Root


Black Obsidian-

•Helps Protect from shadow traits

•"Cleans" up negative energy

•Protective Talisman

•Great Grounding Stone

Resonating Chakras-  Root and Earth Star



Dalmatian Jasper-

• Promotes Positivity, Happiness & Childlike Playfulness

• Strength

• Friendship

• Emotional Harmony

• Breaks Down Barriers You Have Created


Resonating Chakras- Root




•Labradorite is wonderful for healing and balancing your energies stimulating the Throat chakra

•It is a master of removal of unwanted energies, heightened energetic make-up, raises self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love

•Labradorite is beautiful and will be sure to catch everyone's eye. You will find, that when the light hits it just so, it reveals all its magic; stunning iridescent blue/green rainbow

Resonating Chakras- Throat, Third Eye, and Crown



Red Tigers Eye-

•Stimulating and Passionate

• Helps Support Motivation

• Increases Desire

• Enhances Confidence

• Protective and Grounding


Resonating Chakras- Sacral and Root



Blue Goldstone-

•Although Blue Goldstone is a manmade stone, it is said to be the stone of confidence and ambition.

•It gives you encouragement, motivation, and drive. Blue Goldstone also Uplifts the attitude.

• Its physical healing properties closely resemble the same attributes as copper, helping to soothe joints and reducing stomach pain due to anxiety. 

Resonating Chakras- Throat



Green Aventurine-

•Thought to be one of the luckiest stones of all the crystals, especially when it comes to manifesting wealth and prosperity

•"Reset button" of stones

•Calm anger and irritability

•Tranquility, safety and security 

Resonating Chakras-  Heart



Lapis Lazuli-

•Boosts truth and enlightenment

•Great for deep meditation

•Promotes honesty

•Inspires confidence, compassion, clarity as well as creativity

Resonating Chakras- Third Eye