Charoite with Black Onyx Bracelets

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Charoite with Black Onyx Bracelets-

• Inner Vision & Spiritual Insight

• Regulates the High Frequency Flow of Energy

• Releasing Fears & Old Habits

• Aids in Attention Span & Focus

• Deepens Meditation & Intuition

 Resonating Chakras- Crown


Black Onyx-

•Black Onyx is the "Goal Seeker" of stones. If you are looking for something to help you maintain your willpower to keep trying until you accomplish your goal, look no further

•Protecting you against evil and crisis, Black Onyx purifies toxicities inside your body. It protects the harmful effects of your environment and the people you come in contact with

•It makes you aware of subtle energy and what to make of it, helping you find the right direction in life.

•These beautiful bracelets are made with real onyx 8mm beads strung on stretch nylon strands making these "One size fits all"

Resonating Chakras- Root