Meet The Sage Sisters!

A group of 3 sisters (Yes! They're really sisters!), Kate, Stephanie and Brittany, who's spirituality, hippie-nature, and love of metaphysics brought them together to create Sage Sisters Apothecary. With a common goal of bringing quality supplies and resources, they put their heads, hearts and souls together to find quality, ethically sourced, wholesalers to provide their clientele with beautiful products.

Each sister brings their own specialties and interests and put such love and light into their products. Whether it's something handmade or from a wholesaler, each package is packed and shipped with love and light! At one point or another you will interact with each of them and they are always open to answer questions, make suggestions or help you find something they may not currently offer.

There are many ways to reach out to these ladies, including an interactive Facebook group where members share uplifting posts, advice, ask questions, or just share hilariously relatable memes! All three sisters are very involved in the group! If this sounds like something that would interest you, Please join us by clicking HERE!


If you're not on Facebook please feel free to send them an email at: